What is mineralization?

We normally rely on the food we eat to provide our bodies with minerals we’re not capable of producing on our own. Iron, zinc, and over 70 other minerals are all essential to keep our body functioning in its optimal state. However over the last century, our industrial farming practices have severely depleted the minerals in our soil. Instead of returning essential nutrients and minerals into the soil via composting and crop rotation, most conventional farms use chemical fertilizers that only contain the minimum minerals needed to make a plant grow (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium).

Because of this, the fruits and vegetables we eat today are significantly less nutritious than they were decades ago. Buying organic produce helps, but the soil is still likely in the same deficient state as it used to be before the farm switched over from their conventional farming practices. In fact, it can take decades of proper organic farming practices before fertilizer dependent soil is returned to its natural balance.

As stated by Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Linus Pauling, every ailment or sickness that you experience has some level of underlying mineral deficiency. Because of this, we believe that no matter how healthy you eat, it is absolutely necessary to supplement with essential minerals and trace elements. Our Solé formula provides all of the essential minerals in a liquid solution that is easily adapted and absorbed into your system.